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UltraSoftBIS is the cloud system that brings together best-in-class functionalities, powerful services, customers and employees for the operators of business centres, science parks, managed space and coworking space.

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Be more productive wherever you are

Connect employees to the people, information, and content they need to improve productivity and transform collaboration.

  • Full suite of apps anywhere

    Stay up to date on any device with the latest release of funtions including sales, proposal, licensing, clients, billing and reporting tools.
  • Speed up the sales process

    Connect with potential customers and coworkers using automated sales process from enquiry to follow-up, tour, proposal and closing the deal.
  • Control discounts and pitfalls

    Convert proposal to licence agreement effortlessly, control discount level and get the agreement signed fast electronically.
  • Fully secured Cloud System

    Keep your team on the same page with UltraSoftBIS Cloud apps and empower them to perform their tasks at the speed of thought.

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Don’t drown in paperwork

Transform the way you manage your business and simplify the way work gets done with modern tools that streamline business processes.

  • Reduce manual work

    Replace manual repetitive data entry and billing work with automated Cloud Billing functions.
  • Capture data real-time

    Capture billable ad-hoc variable charges at the point-of-sale and meeting room bookings and catering services on a visually stunning diary with full accountability.
  • Automate billing process

    Generate ad-hoc and month-end batch invoices with 100% accuracy in a few clicks and eliminate repetitive manual work.
  • Distribute invoices electronically

    Deliver invoices securely to your customers as a downloadable pdf or via email and retain full audit trails.

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Protect what matters most

Help safeguard your employees, data, and customer information with enterprise-grade security you can trust.

  • Protect against cyberthreats

    Deploy Ultrasoft Cloud system and minimise threats against viruses, malware, phishing attempts, ransomware and spam.
  • Keep your data safe

    Safeguard valuable information of your business and your customers from cybercriminals, malicious attacks, unauthorized access and accidental deletion.
  • Secure your communication

    UltraSoft Cloud system helps keeping your information safe, even when accessed outside office environment via public network.
  • Simplify IT management

    Eliminate any need of on-premises or off-site IT infrastructure and management, so you can focus on running your business.

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See what customers are saying about UltraSoft System

Real-time reporting from UltraSoftBIS across all elements of our business allows us better insight to move rapidly in line with customer and market trends, and keep our finger on the pulse on the day-to-day operations.

Jayson Jenkins, Director of Group Reporting & Accounting

Our business demanded a platform that can deliver for us now and which is scalable enough to cope with our future plans. UltraSoft have met those requirements and were very conducive to development change requests.

From a technical perspective we needed a system that could streamline internal processes with rapid operating speed. It was crucial that during this process we gave a seamless transition to our clients and ensured internal business continuity.

Graham Hefferman, IT & Communications Director

The information we now get from UltraSoft is accurate and provides us with a solution that works how we want it to. With great dialogue between ourselves and the team at UltraSoft, we feel they listened to our issues and developed a product that fits our business process.

Richard Johnson, Managing Director, UBCUK

An 80% decrease in time and costs for the billing process, and further substantial savings from training costs. The billing run used to take me two days. Now it takes two hours.

Olly Olsen, Director, The Office Group

Our team found UltraSoft very user friendly and the simple operations of adding charges, running occupancy reports and managing the debt and billing, were very easy. The billing is more efficient and takes no time at all.

The reports and information we are now able to get from UltraSoft allow us to respond to our business changes quickly.

Corina Degani & Matthew Davies, Directors, The Space

When we needed a new customer management and billing system, we compared our requirements to what was available on the market, and UltraSoftBIS came out on top.

The UltraSoftBIS system was very quick and simple to implement, and the training giving was excellent. Customer support is superb too!

Jason Bamford, Head of Accounts & IT, Airport House

Select the productivity solution that is right for your business

Compare and select from a variety of plans designed for operations like yours.

UltraSoftBIS Cloud Standard

(Core Billing)

UltraSoftBIS Cloud Professional

(Sales & Billing)

UltraSoftBIS Cloud Enterprise

(Sales, Licensing & Billing)

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Inventory management
Serviced/managed Office spaces
Meeting rooms
Virtual office products
Coworking spaces
IT, Telecom and internet packages
Contract/fixed/regular services
Variable/one-off services
Customer management
Meeting room customers
Serviced office customers
Virtual office customers
Coworking customers
Walk-in customers
Bespoke customer types
Meeting room bookings
Meeting room booking visual diary
Meeting room rates for internal and external customers
Meeting room catering services
Operation process automation
Variable service charges
Regular contractual charges for offices
Regular contractual charges for virtual offices
Regular contractual charges for coworking spaces
Regular contractual charges for IT and telcom products
Regular contractual charges for administrative and bespoke services.
Import facility for telephone call charges or any external charges
Billing process automation
Ad-hoc (one-off) billing procedure
Month-end billing procedure
Electronic invoice delivery and tracking
Credit note procedure
Existing invoices management
Invoice receipt facility
KPI reports automation
Group and individual centre occupancy forecast
Financial data analysis
Sales data analysis
Operation data analysis
Bespoke reports
Sales lead automation
Import leads from brokers
Capture leads from own website
Import leads from any 3rd party websites
Sales force automation
Complete lead life-cycle (follow-up > viewing > proposal > deal/lost) tracking
Lead tasks scheduling
Proposal from real inventory
Unlimited notes per lead
Lead documents and emails history
Lead contact management
Bespoke templates and documents
Electronic licence agreements
Bespoke agreements for offices
Bespoke agreements for virtual offices
Bespoke agreements for coworking spaces
Bespoke agreements for IT and telecom products
Bespoke agreements for any contract services
Bespoke agreement terms and conditions
Licensing process automation
Convert proposal to licence agreement
Sales discount level control
Sales discount approval
eSignature for customer and operator
Agreements from real-time inventory
Existing agreements history
Agreement data to contractual billing integration

So what is next ...

Getting Started

If you are not already using UltraSoftBIS Cloud system, simply resister online and activate your account by purchasing some licences, and you will be on your way.

For any queries, contact us.

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UltraSoftBIS is de facto software for the operators of business centres, science parks, innovation centres, managed offices, serviced offices, virtual offices and coworking space.

To explore more, visit UltraSoftBIS website

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In a Nutshell

Since 1998 UltraSoftBIS and its predecessors have been used by the most prominent companies such as Regus, MWB, Avanata, Basepoint, TOG [The Offie Group] & i2 Office. It is simply the best!

To learn more, visit UltraSoftBIS website

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UltraSoftBIS is an integrated software system from UltraSoft Technologies Ltd for the operators of serviced offices, managed spaces, science parks, innovation centres, co-working spaces and business centres.

UltraSoftBIS automates all aspects of business needs from sales to licence generation, product & office inventory management, reservation, billing and management reporting within one integrated software solution. Contact us or visit UltraSoftBIS website to read more about it features and success stories.

UltraSoft Technologies is a leading provider of software solutions used by multinationals and by small- and medium-sized enterprises. It applies the latest technology to integrate, simplify, improve and reduce the costs of common business processes used by all organisations regardless of size or industry.

UltraSoft Technologies is the market-leading provider of software solutions for the serviced office and managed workspace industry, engineering and architecture companies. Its latest system is becoming the de facto solution of choice for business centres, engineers and architects replacing their existing systems or starting out. UltraSoft Technologies Ltd was founded in 1998 by Harun Biswas, who has been working in the serviced office and engineering industry since 1994.